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BioRegenesis University is the only self-educational system that offers certificate and degree-level programs in Quantum Morphogenetic Physics—the union of multidimensional physics and consciousness. We study the progressive re-activation of the personal DNA Morphogenetic Blueprint, brain optimization, chakra harmonization, and emotional trauma transmutation.

BioRegenesis University (BRU) is founded on Base-12 science, mathematics, and Eternal-Life principles. Unlike ALL other surface Earth university educational systems, BRU features an authentic consciousness-coherence, self-educational system, practiced by Pre-Diluvian and highly evolved ancient cultures.

Degree-Level Programs


9-month intensive online course

Bachelor Level

Planet and Moon

Bachelor to Master Level

18-month intensive online course

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Bachelor to PhD Level

28-month intensive online course

Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, PhD
Peer-Reviewed Publications

The Evolution of Consciousness to Matter 

"Modern day science claims that all things manifest is made of matter and can be reduced to the elementary particles of matter. However, where do those elementary particles of matter originate? According to theoretical physicist Professor Amit Goswami Ph.D., consciousness is the ground of all being simply meaning that all things begin with consciousness. This perspective suggests that consciousness follows a downward causation organizational pattern rather than the current upward theory that everything begins with matter. This paper will offer a more advanced, detailed perspective of how consciousness is the primary administering organization of physical, atomic matter as known in quantum quantum morphogenetic field physics and mechanics."