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BioRegenesis University

BioRegenesis University is the only self-educational system that offers certificate and degree-level programs in Quantum Morphogenetic Physics, which is the union of multidimensional physics and consciousness via progressive re-activation of the personal DNA morphogenetic blueprint, brain optimization, chakra harmonization, and emotional trauma transmutation.


Unlike ALL surface Earth university educational systems, BioRegenesis University is founded upon eternal-life, Base-12 science, mathematics, and principles of the eternal-life objective that features an authentic consciousness-coherence, self-educational system utilized by pre-diluvial and higher evolution cultures.


The Base-12 BioRegenesis Self-Educational System is consciousness-based, and utilizes consciousness directly within the morphogenetic field blueprint of the DNA that communicates, and activates, the dormant portions of the intron DNA. 

"BioRegenesis University is the only base-12, self-educational system based upon Eternal-life principles on planet." 

Dr. Jere Rivera-Dugenio, Ph.D

Consciousness Based Degree-Level Programs 


Bachelor-Level in Quantum Morphogenetic Science

9 month online and in-person intensive course.

Bachelor-level in Quantum Morphogenetic Science

Master-Level in Quantum Morphogenetic Physics

18 month online and in-person intensive

Master-level in Quantum Morphogenetic Physics

PhD.-level in Quantum Morphogenetic Physics

28-month online and in-person intensive 

PhD.-level in Quantum Morphogenetic Physics

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