24 Eternal-life Principles

Part of the process of Spiritual Integration of our Higher Selves or Expansion of our Consciousness involves "re-programming" the way we think.


Our thoughts create our reality and the life experience we have on the inside and the outside of us.


The following Attitudes and Responsibilities, when embodied and "lived" will help to change our thought patterns. Thoughts that we simply take for granted because they are part of the programming we currently carry. Changing the thought patterns is actually changing the programming in the personal morphogenetic blueprint.

12 Attitudes of Consciousness Unity:

1. LOVE - Vibrational co-resonance of Consciousness Unity.


2. ALLOWANCE - Allowing Consciousness Unity to be what it is regardless of it suits you. Living Perpetual Forgiveness.


3. GRATITUDE - Appreciating Consciousness Unity: knowing you are never separate from Source.


4. REVERENT-RESPECT - Acknowledging and giving respect to Consciousness Unity.


5. RESPONSIBILITY - Co-Creating with, serving and being able to respond to Consciousness Unity.


6. TRUST - Knowing the Power and Love of Consciousness Unity.


7. ACCOUNTABILITY - Being in a state of TRUTH with Consciousness Unity.


8. IMPECCABILITY - Upholding and protecting Consciousness Unity.


9. MINDFULNESS - Being loving, nurturing and attentive to Consciousness Unity.


10. FEARLESS - Recognizing the Eternal, Infinite nature and unconditional LOVE of Consciousness Unity.


11. ENGAGED DETACHMENT - Allowing Consciousness Unity to BE without critique, condemnation or judgment; knowing and validating Consciousness Unity.


12. JOY - Choosing to embody Consciousness Unity.

12 Responsibilities of Consciousness Unity

1. SELF-ACTUALIZATION - Freedom from the “Victim-Victimizer” Blame Game; willingness to be accountable for all manifestations as direct projections of intended learning from the personal consciousness/DNA blueprint.


2. SELF-SOVEREIGNTY - Freedom from the need for approval from, or need to rebel against, any form of “external authority” via knowing you, as a manifestation of Source Spirit, can create personal freedom without violating the consciousness rights of others; not allowing other to violate your consciousness of BE-ING.


3. SELF-CONTAINMENT - Taking personal responsibility and always realizing, you are accountable for directing personal energies.


4. SELF-DISCIPLINE - Accepting responsibility for directing personal energies toward, rather than in opposition to, the outcomes you desire to experience.


5. SELF-LOVE - It is our own responsibility to love and nurture ourselves via the limitless gift of Divine Spirit that moves through us at every moment.


6. CONSCIOUSNESS INTEGRITY  - It is our absolute responsibility to choose to be in consciousness integrity at every moment.


7. APPRECIATION - In terms of multidimensional physics, what you give the energy of appreciation to manifests into your experience. What you do not appreciate, eventually de-manifests out of your hologram.


8. PATIENCE - If we can be in a state of relaxation and realize what we desire can be achieved in Source Time, Order and Flow, we can co-create with Source Consciousness Field.


9. KINDNESS - Like RESPECT, Kindness is a birthright. When we approach the world through authentic kindness, we transmit to all of creation electrical higher dimensional frequency that follows the mechanics of multidimensional physics bringing back to us Source Consciousness Field backflow self-regenerating frequencies.


10. CONSERVATION - is a form of respect and appreciation for Source Consciousness Field energy in all its expressions. Waste not, want not.


11. COOPERATION - DIPLOMACY- Creating “Win-Win” situations and with the intention of GIVING authentically are natural, organic ways of BE-ING.


12. SENSE - Learning to identify and appropriately apply both “Common Sense” and “Uncommon Sense” of consciousness unity will allow us to accrete the greatest balance of energy expression with all aspects of our hologram.

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